The Religious Man

Let me tell you a story of a future event.
If you’re reading this, it’s no accident.
The man in this story could even be you,
but don’t jump to conclusions, wait till you’re through.
It all took place at the great white throne.
A small naked man was there standing alone.
He stood there with rancor, disgust and unease;
I could tell just by looking he was not at all pleased.
Then a voice said "No Lord. His name is not here."
The man blurted, out without one ounce of fear,
"This is outrageous! Let me see that book!
I’m not a fornicator, liar or crook."
"I’ve kept all the rules and every tradition,
supported the cause and held high position.
I don’t break the law. I’m a good, moral man.
I set an example and help where I can."
"In all of my days, I’ve not taken a life.
I loved all my children, my friends and my wife.
You can ask anybody in the whole earth,
I’ve never mistreated a soul from my birth."
"I deserve to be given all that I’ve earned.
I will not be carried away to be burned.
I demand to see who it is that’s in charge
there’s been a mistake here; one that’s quite large."
"I’m supposed to be lifted away in the sky.
Why am I standing here? I demand to know Why!
What do mean that that time came and went?
I’ve been saying my prayers and fasting for Lent."
"I’ve gone to confession and counted my beads,
I’ve helped out my neighbors and those that had needs.
Who is in charge here? ... I demand to know who!"
Then a thundering voice, like many waters, rushed through.
"I AM", He said, "The Way you do not know.
You chose in your life the way you would go.
You followed the way that seems right unto man.
You followed the Great Whore’s counterfeit plan."
"Like a thief and a robber you’ve tried to come in.
You’ve brought me your own self made offering for sin.
Your filthy rags will not be accepted
because all of your life it was me you’ve rejected."
"I loved you dear sinner with my dying breath.
I suffered for you the torture of death.
And now an eternity for you shall begin.
Take him from me ... I never knew him."
I can still hear the that naked man screaming today
"Please, Please forgive me. Don’t send me away."
If I’d only known, I would have tried harder;
even laid down my life for the church as a martyr.
Then a Saint leaned over and softly rehearsed
in the ears of my heart a sweet precious verse.*
I knew in a heartbeat it was dear brother Paul,
The fellow from Tarsus they used to call Saul.
Then after he quoted the verse once again
He said, "Here’s what it means, let me explain.
For all those like him," he said, "it’s the same;
They follow the pathway of works just like Cain.
Cain offered the fruits of his labor, as pay,
but it was Abel that came by the Blood Sprinkled Way."
I see now how desperately wicked man is;
There’s nothing more reprobate than a mind such as his.
This self righteous man, though too late, finally learned
he would now be given ALL that he’d earned -
An eternal separation from my Holy God
out of His presence just like Cain was in Nod.
Now, if you’ve ask yourself, "could this be me?"
The answer my friend is quite easy to see.
Is your way bloodless, like the offering of fruit?
or have you offered the Lamb as your substitute?
If you want to know Jesus, it isn’t too late -
Let him be your Shepherd, your Path and your Gate.
Cast down all your works and your righteousness too,
tell Him you quit, that you give up, you’re through.
Today you could trade your Religion back in
for a loving and personal relationship with Him.
Walk with Him, talk with Him, let Him love you.
That’s all that Jesus ever wanted to do.
by a former good, moral, religious man.
*By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh. HEBREWS 11:4

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