Sounds of the HeartThe making of this book has been under way for a long time. In fact, since 1962 when I wrote "The Man God Uses." In that little message, I labored to put into words some of the deep sounds of my heart at the time. Writing about my heart sounds, seemed to help me understand and accept them. When new sounds stirred within, I wrote them again in the words of "Delivered Unto Death." This process continued on through all writings that now appear in this book. As each booklet was born, it was put into print and shared with the Body of Christ. Wherever the booklets went, they seemed to reach someone, someplace, walking through the same trial. I should not have been surprised, for we are all of the same Body. None of our trials are unique, but are the same that try saints wherever they are in life.

As the means to print and distribute the messages ended, they went out of print; yet, each day's mail brought requests for them. The gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit has inspired me to put them under one cover, for whatever purpose He desires. As I read them in preparation for the press, I wondered, "Do I really want to print these books--'as is?'" It seemed to me that in dealing with each subject, the feelings were bigger than words. I first felt they needed to be rewritten in the light of my spiritual growth. The Lord reminded me that they were given to me when I was passing that way, and would still bring their good news to others in the same way.

After more than 40 years, these are the heart sounds of many difficult places in life. Each page notes the date of my walk. Their truth will, as they did for me, lead you from darkness to light; from self to Jesus, and from earth to heaven. They will shed light on one of the most frustrating human problems: suffering without apparent cause. Do not expect me to teach you anything. The Holy Spirit will only mirror your own experiences through mine, or prepare you for that which is yet ahead. As you read, it will be as though you are reading your own life story.

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