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This may well be the most important thing I have ever written, and perhaps the very last before our Lord Jesus Christ is revealed in all of His loveliness to those who now wait for Him. Should the Holy Spirit be pleased to anoint this message, it will help more people - unlock more prisons - free more slaves - answer more questions - and relate more truth to life as it really is, than any other effort I have ever made.

The discovery I have made about the nature of love has changed my life and re-directed the course of my ministry from that of mere theological mathematics, to the imparting of the personal love of Jesus to others.  It has been a wing that has enabled me to better run the race of life for His glory.  It has opened up new realms of love, fellowship and encouragement, and has been a precious gift of God in answer to my many years of reaching out for real love.

It is a message I must give.  It embraces and explains the essence of all I have discovered and believe.  The treasure of my heart is poured out on these pages with much prayer and many tears, that the reader will hear, in the secret place of his heart, this voice crying in the wilderness.

This is not a book addressed to the intellect.  I have made no effort to develop a pleasing literary style.  I make no apologies for what may appear to be repetition, crudeness, or over-simplification.


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