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First, to my Father and His altogether lovely Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who graciously revealed to my needy heart the true nature of real love. May they be glorified.

Second, to those nameless ones whose names are written in heaven, through whom He touched me with the reality of His love, and without whose patient ministry I could not otherwise have known or written these precious truths. May their joy be full in seeing some fruit of their labors.

Last, to all those who have languished in a loveless prison, ever reaching out in hope of discovering a true and lasting love, only to be further disappointed and discouraged; who perhaps have stopped reaching, to sit in their loneliness, watching others as they search. As God sent Titus to comfort the depressed Apostle Paul, may He send this comfort to your lonely prison and free you to the light and liberty of His eternal love. May your heart-assured conviction be: "Jesus loves me, this I know." To these ones, and to these ends, I dedicate this book.


Dedication Table Of Contents
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