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Chapter 2 - The Need of Love

Visiting the state penitentiary as a chaplain, I was interested in the only entrance and exit to that dismal place.  As I was led through a series of three massive gates, the system was explained.  All gates were controlled by electronic devices and only one could be opened at a time.  The gates were in the control of master switches that were carefully guarded.

The little man inside of each of us is in a similar place.  Shut in by three massive gates with their iron bars, we languish in our prison of loneliness.  These gates have already been mentioned as fear, inferiority complex, and a dreary sense of guilt within. These are the inescapable traits Adam passed on to each of us.  As with all men in prison, many and ingenious are the methods we devise to open these gates.  Shut away from others and from God, we endeavor to come up with some master plan that will unlock all three at once and set our weary personalities at liberty to be ourselves.

We imagine that assigning causes to our anxieties will better help us to cope with them.  Hence, we have accepted the imagined reality of many phobias peculiar to us and hope this will help to free us.  We apply the balm of self-confidence to our inferiority complex, but in spite of our bolstered attitude, we are often overcome by a sinking feeling of inadequacy -- a sense of worthlessness


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