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Chapter 12 - The Patience of Love

After all, the acid test of any teaching is to take it to the laboratory of life and apply it to the reality of our experiences. The wounds of Jesus never took on any significance to Thomas until he looked at them in the glaring light of his own bitter un-belief. One look at the Saviour who was willing to be further hurt by Thomas in order to remove his doubts, caused him to see the wretchedness of his own wicked heart and to cry: "My Lord and my God!" Let us look at one day in the life of Simon Peter and put these truths to the test.

No other character in the New Testament is so completely or strangely sketched as is Simon Peter. A paradox of contradictions, he is the portrait of every believer in Christ. He was impulsive, harsh, cold of heart, slow to see the truth, cowardly, self-seeking, weak, insecure, inconsistent to his beliefs, forward, rash, and certainly talky. At the same time he was tender, affectionate, deep in the truth, courageous, self-sacrificial, immovable as a rock, bold, loving, forthright, humble, meek, and beautiful, for Jesus made him so. Self-assured and often arrogant, he was the spokesman for the apostles and made his boast about his undying devotion and love for Jesus Christ. His intentions were good, and he meant to keep his vows. He intended to prove the sincerity of his promises, and meant to die with or for Jesus. But there was one thing Peter must


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