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Chapter 11 - The Discovery of Love

Perhaps you are saying, "I do love Jesus and I know He loves me.  I want to walk with Him this way and be honest and open with Him about myself.  But what will happen when I fail?  What will He think when I let Him down?"  Remember, dear reader, you have never been loved as God loves you.  All the love you have ever known has been a "performance" type of love that faded away when your performance became unacceptable.  All your life, those who "loved" you expressed their disappointment in you when you failed to meet their expectations.  It will be difficult for you to always rest in the perfect love of God that knows no disappointment in you.

You have also been the target of religious brainwashing that has taught you from childhood that God's love is no different from man's love.  Religion has twisted, perverted and warped God's love into the likeness of man's love for so long that only the patience of the Holy Spirit can bring the little man inside of you to walk in complete rest and peace with Jesus.  The traditions of man, taught for the commandments of God, have so blinded your mind that resting in the love of Jesus will be like testing the ice for strength.  You will draw back in fear and shame as you see more of the man Christ died for; but I assure you that He will never draw back from you.

When iniquity abounds, it has a cooling effect


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