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Chapter 10 - The Fellowship of Love

Of all the shameful titles ascribed to our lovely Saviour, the most encouraging is this one:  He was called a friend of sinners!  Surely this description hurled in derision at Him must have pleased Him immensely, for He came to earth to be just that.  Little did His enemies know that they had charged Him with the very thing that was dearest to His heart!  No better place in His earthly life can this compassion and love of the Saviour for sinners be seen than in the lovely story related to us by the evangelist Luke in the 7th chapter of his Gospel, verses 33 to 50.  Please read it for yourself and then let me retell this warm, moving experience for your encouragement.

Jesus had just concluded a stormy preaching session to the people, and some had believed His Word, but the Pharisees and lawyers had rejected the testimony of God against themselves.  When it was over one of them, a man named Simon, insisted that Jesus go home with him to eat.  (What grace Jesus demonstrated in accepting this invitation offered by His enemy!)  While they sat at meat, a woman, unnamed, who was known in the city as a sinner (in the sense of unchaste), came in unannounced.  Without a word she takes her place at the feet of Jesus, and to the shock of Simon, begins to weep openly; and as her tears splash upon the Saviour's feet, she kneels and with her long hair wipes them tenderly.  Now,


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