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Chapter 9 - The Understanding of Love

Jesus is the only friend you will ever have who totally understands you.  No matter how diligently you endeavor to explain to others how you think or feel, they are limited in their understanding.  First, it is impossible for others to be objective enough in their understanding; and next, they cannot know the varied pressures, emotions, motives and impulses that cause you to act and react as you do.  Your personality is unique, and no other human on earth can fully grasp the many facets of your make-up.  Jesus understands you fully because He made you.  The Word of God declares that by the Lord Jesus Christ all things were created, and He is the source of their life.  You were created by Him, and for Him; and we are also told that He formed you.  This means that He determined your shape as a potter determines and shapes a vessel to his pleasure.  You are not the result of accident or fate, but of design.  He knows more about you than you know yourself, and understands all the peculiarities of your personality.

The Word of God also tells us that He, in His incarnation, was made like unto His brethren, or those who would be a part of His Father's family by faith in the beloved Son.  Which one of His brethren do you suppose He was made like?  He was made like you, that He might understand you and become your dearest Friend with Whom


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