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Chapter 8 - The Friendship of Love

You must never think of yourself in the presence of God apart from Jesus Christ.  Being justified by faith, you have eternal peace facing God.  That peace is a blessed Person -- Jesus Christ Himself.  He has been made both peace and perfect righteousness for you.  You were crucified, buried, and raised again in newness of life with Him, and are now seated in Him at the right hand of God's eternal throne.  Jesus Christ is your Advocate facing the Father, and is now called alongside to help you.  His precious blood has completely satisfied God forever; and your everlasting acceptance is assured by His never ending life.

While all of this is wonderfully true for those who have believed and bear the evidence of real faith, which is an undeniable love in their hearts for Christ, there is another side to this blessed truth.  We are still here upon the earth facing the reality of life in the often undesirable and unbearable circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Never think of yourself in life apart from the reality of His presence.  Though He is present at the throne in His resurrected body of flesh and bone, He is also dwelling in your heart by faith; and He longs to make His presence a reality to you.

How little most persons know by experience of His abiding presence!  Knowing Him as Saviour seems to suffice; but He longs to manifest


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