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Chapter 5 - The Proof of Love

Love words are cheap.  Men use them lightly, promising eternal, undying love to those they seek to win.  Millions of words have been written, sung and quoted to prove the reality of love.  But God does not limit the revelation of His love for you to words.  He declares that real love is not in words, nor of the tongue only, but in deed.  Had He said a million times, "I love you," and had there been no deed of love, you would have every reason to doubt the genuineness of that love.  He is willing to prove the sincerity of His love; rather, He is anxious to commend the nature of His love to you.  He desires that His love be put on exhibit; that you be introduced to the wondrous nature of it and become convinced that God really loves you!

There is a time and place where He exhausted all means to demonstrate the great love wherewith He loved you.  That place is the cross of Calvary, where His darling Son was given to death and hell in order that He might commend His love to you, accept and enjoy you.  The scriptures tell that in the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, God manifested -- that is, He caused to shine forth, made apparent -- the eternal wonder of His love for you.  There, in simple faith in the record God gave of His Son, you can perceive (that is, learn by experience and discernment) the truth of God's undying love for you.


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