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Chapter 4 - Real Love

There is a real love, a love that's beyond the power and grasp of mere men.  Man cannot manufacture, buy, create, secure, hoard or destroy it.  It is like manna from heaven, a daily blessing and pleasure sufficient for all our love needs but beyond our control.  This real love must be bestowed as a free and permanent possession upon the heart, and must be revealed to the eyes of the inner man by faith.  To say it is divine is to acknowledge the manifold mysteries of it.  It is as impossible to comprehend with the reason as the infinite is to the finite mind.  No song, or poem, or mere expression of words can tell its majesty or define its ecstasy.  It probes deeper than mere fleshly pleasure; brushes the fortress of the mind away in a stroke; and plunges into the innermost recesses of the heart of the little man inside.  It seeks only love, and is satisfied with only love in return.

It is a love that makes the unacceptable acceptable; loves what it does not like; never fails or withdraws itself; and continues for all eternity. It is God's love for you!  It is a love so beyond human concepts that a new word was needed by the writers of the New Testament to convey the full grandeur of its nature.  The word used throughout the New Testament for this love that I call "real love" is "agapao," and appears 320 times in its various forms.  This word is such a large


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