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Of the traditions that have come down to us from early Christian writers, one of the most precious is a little story told of John the apostle of love. He was that disciple whom Jesus loved, and the only one of the original twelve who died a natural death. In the eve of his long life he would sit for hours with his learners gathered at his feet. As they listened to him talk and share with them the precious things he had learned from Jesus, one of them said, "John, you always talk about love - God's love for us and our love for one an-other. Why don't you talk about something else beside love?" John, who as a young man had laid his head on the bosom and heart of God's Love tabernacling in the flesh, answered with joy, "Because there is nothing else - just love . . . love ... love!"

"God is love," he had written, and what else is there but God? Love is the true light that came to light every man who was born on earth. Love is the power of life; the energy that holds the universe together; the cause of all creation; the purpose of your existence; and the fullness of God. None of us can preach, teach, talk or write too much about love. The half has never yet been told, and truly there is no cause of stumbling in the man who makes love his only theme.

My five-year-old grandson was overheard one day pretending to preach. With his small New Testament open on the table before him he shouted:


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