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Chapter 16 - The Release of Love

As you see the smoking flax of love within your breast, you cannot help but wonder if the full potential of love will ever be released. Will the great capacity to love and be loved ever be realized? The answer is a glad and emphatic "Yes!"

"For love is indestructible,
Its holy flame forever burneth;
From heaven it came, to heaven returneth;
Too oft on earth a troubled guest,
At times deceived, at times opprest.
It here is tried and purified
And hath in heaven its perfect rest.
It soweth here with toil and care,
But the harvest time of love is there."

Your eye has never seen, your ear has never heard, and it has never entered into your heart, the things God has prepared for you that love Him and are the called according to His purpose. The depth of His riches in glory for you; the eternal wisdom of the cross; His unsearchable judgments and ways, are past your finding out in this life. Paul was caught up into the third heaven and heard some of these things, but declared that they were unspeakable and not possible to utter while on this earth. Only eternity will fully tell the wonders of His love for you, but enough is written


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