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Chapter 15 - The Potential of Love

The present lovelessness of professing Christianity seems to satisfy most today, yet one cannot read the history of the early church without being impressed with the contrast of the then and now. Christianity was born in a society much like ours today. It was a time when philosophy and reason reigned, and all the religions of the Greeks and Romans formed a hotbed of controversy. The subject of universal argument was "love," and "peace" was a greeting in the market place. In spite of the wisdom and endless debate of men, they could only generally agree that the key to "love" was the key to God, and that to understand one was to understand the other. The interpretations of love ran from one extreme to the other. Some said it was sex, or animal passion relating only to physical gratification; and so developed a philosophy of "free love" which taught that the ultimate expression of devotion to God was fulfilling every lust of the flesh.

Others argued that it was above the physical, and was a "soul to soul" relationship that did not require the physical expressions love of beauty which embraced all the moral and social graces of the individual. While they preached their philosophy, others believed in only a "performance" kind of love - a mutual relationship that rested solely on the other's ability to provide common pleasure, and included the physical as well as the spiritual.


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