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Chapter 14 - The Purpose of Love

The Father loved the Son in the beginning, and longed that all His creation would know the majesty of His love; this glorifies Him, for He is - LOVE. He sent the Son to earth to reveal His name to you that you might know and love Him. The Lord Jesus Christ went to Calvary to prove the reality of the Father's love for Himself and for you. Now, Jesus Christ dwelling in you sends you forth, as He was sent of the Father, to demonstrate the reality of this love to others. As the Father does not work at loving the Son, and the Son does not work at loving the Father, so you will not have to work at loving others. As you walk with Him Ile will search out others He desires to reach and love for Himself, and you will share the joy and pleasure of this blessed experience. Real love must contact others in some perceptible way. Jesus' love for others must be realized through some personal touch with reality; for if anyone is to know that Jesus loves them, someone must bring Jesus and His love to them in life. You are where you are, that Jesus might be there. He will walk the dusty roads of life as He did the Emmaus road, disguised through you as a stranger, to overtake those who are discouraged, afraid and miserable. He will talk with them through you, become their friend, break bread with them and reveal Himself through your heart, that their hearts might be set ablaze with love for


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