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Below are hundreds of gospel messages which you can listen to free of cost or obligation.  You Can Listen Here with the RealAudio player and stream the audio without any wait.  If you are not using a high speed connection such as a cable or DSL modem, call or email us and we'll send you MP3 files on CD ROM.

CLICK HERE to listen to Jesus Loves Me as read by H.L. Roush, Sr.

If you wish to download the Mp3 files so you can burn them to a cd or transfer them to your Mp3 player follow this link  - YOU MUST USE THE FOLLOWING USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO LOG INTO THE MP3 PAGE (This is necessary due to auto bots that deliberately try to use up our bandwidth).

USER NAME:  jesuslovesme  (all one word case sensitive)

PASSWORD:  Love1  Case sensitive (use a capitol "L" and the "ove" and the number 1)

All of the expository messages are located in this folder also.

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"...For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report? So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  But I say, Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world." (Rom.10:13-18)

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Username:  jesuslovesme
Password:  Love1   (case sensitive)

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Approx. Run-Time

The Personal Choice Series

CS-3 That I may Know Him 01:26:23
CS-4 To Know The Love Of Christ 00:59:37
CS-5 Christ Our Righteousness 01:00:25

To Seek Christ

CS-7 Kept By God 00:49:24
CS-8 God's Creation 01:07:00
CS-9 Jesus The Way 01:12:04
CS-10 Faith Without Works 01:29:40
CS-11 Content In Jesus 01:10:31
CS-12 It Is Finished 01:23:45
CS-13 To Meet The Lord 01:16:47
CS-14 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled 01:03:47
CS-15 Altogether Lovely 00:58:46
CS-16-p1 Mystery Of The Gospel (Part I) 00:59:09
CS-16-p2 Mystery Of The Gospel (Part II) 00:57:19
CS-17p1 Rightly Dividing The Word-Part 1 01:20:32
CS-17p2 Rightly Dividing The Word-Part II 00:50:22
CS-18 Satisfied With Jesus 01:30:07
CS-19 Origin Of The Bride 01:06:36

Betrothal Of The Bride

CS-21-p1 Love Life Of The Bride (part 1) 01:00:23
CS-21-p2 Love Life Of The Bride (Part 2) 00:42:16
CS-22 The Death Of A Saint 01:27:40
CS-23 Bridal Bath 01:13:22
CS-24 Here Comes The Groom 01:24:47
CS-25 Here Comes The Bride 01:22:25
CS-26 The Precious Blood 01:25:22
CS-27-p1 Who Is Your Father? (part 1) 00:59:38
CS-27-p2 Who Is Your Father? (part 2) 00:35:18
CS-28 Leaning On Jesus 01:05:39
CS-29-p1 Charismatic Illusion (part 1) 00:55:27
CS-29-p2 Charismatic Illusion (part 2) 00:42:05
CS-30 Come And Dine 01:24:50
CS-31 Sins Forgiven 01:28:55
CS-32-p1 Amazing Grace (part 1) 01:00:59
CS-32-p2 Amazing Grace (part 2) 00:35:37
CS-33 Fellowship 01:27:54
CS-34 The Eternal Word 01:00:20
CS-35 Peace 01:24:45
CS-36 Constraining Love 01:19:28
CS-37 Resting In Jesus (part 1) 01:08:54
CS-38 Resting In Jesus (part 2) 01:13:25
CS-39-p1 The Hidden Gospel (part 1) 01:00:22
CS-39-p2 The Hidden Gospel (part 2) 00:41:07

Good News Of Easter


The Blessing Of Need


My Shepherd


Mystery Of His Will


Old Time Religion (part 1)

CS-44p2 Old Time Religion (part 2) 00:35:58

Mystery Of Love (part 1)


Mystery Of Love (part 2)


Mystery Of Love (part 3)


Mystery Of Faith (part 1)


Mystery Of Faith (part 2)


He Is Precious


Behold My Servant


My Father


God Of All Things (part 1)


God Of All Things (part 2)


The Lights Are Going Out - I


The Lights Are Going Out - II (part 1)


The Lights Are Going Out - III (part 2)


The Mystery Of Grace


Christian Love (part 1)


Christian Love (part 2)


The Will Of God (part 1)


The Will Of God (part 2)


The Mystery Of The Church (part 1)


The Mystery Of The Church (part 2)


Come Out Of Sodom (part 1)


Come Out Of Sodom (part 2)


Mystery Of Prayer (part 1)


Mystery Of Prayer (part 2)


Half Way Faith (part 1)


Half Way Faith (part 2)


Mystery Of The Rapture


One On One With Jesus (part 1)

CS-62p2 One On One With Jesus (part 2) 00:44:57

The Two Ways


Another Gospel (Part 1)


Another Gospel (Part 2)


Nature Of Salvation


Blessed Assurance (Part 1)


Blessed Assurance (Part 2)


Someone Cares


Someone Understands (Part 1)


Someone Understands (Part 2)


The Vine And The Branches


Mystery Of Iniquity


How That Christ Died (Part 1)


How That Christ Died (Part 2)


God Is (Part 1)


God Is (Part 2)


The Prodigal Son (Part 1)


The Prodigal Son (Part 2)


Jesus At The Door


God Loves You


Paradise Found - Part I  (Part 1)


Paradise Found - Part I  (Part 2)


Paradise Found - Part II  (Part 1)


Paradise Found - Part II  (Part 2)


The Mystery Of Marriage (Part 1)


The Mystery Of Marriage (Part 2)


Fear Not


Judgment Day (Part 1)


Judgment Day (Part 2)


God's Program (Part 1)


God's Program (Part 2)


Accepted In The Beloved


Consider Jesus (Part 1)


Consider Jesus (Part 2)


Justified (Part 1)

CS-84p2 Justified (Part 2) 00:43:21

The Life Of Simon Peter Series

CS-85p1 Simon Meets Jesus (Part 1) 00:57:31
CS-85p2 Simon Meets Jesus (Part 2) 00:43:38
CS-86p1 Simon Follows Jesus (Part 1) 00:56:48
CS-86p2 Simon Follows Jesus (Part 2) 00:43:43
CS-87p1 The Two Natures (Part 1) 00:56:54
CS-87p2 The Two Natures (Part 2) 00:37:58
CS-88 A Life Of Discovery 01:25:54
CS-89p1 Meet Simon Peter (Part 1) 00:59:03
CS-89p2 Meet Simon Peter (Part 2) 00:37:20
CS-90 Walking On The Water 01:17:02
CS-91 Will Ye Go Away Also? 01:21:50
CS-92 Who Is Jesus To You? 01:09:23
CS-93 Never Say Never 01:27:58
CS-94 Simon's Religion 01:26:54
CS-95 Happiness Is 01:26:12
CS-96p1 Chaff And Wheat (Part 1) 00:59:15
CS-96p2 Chaff And Wheat (Part 2) 00:34:38
CS-97 Simon At Gethsemene 01:29:06
CS-98 Simon Sees Himself 01:25:00
CS-99 Simon Sees Jesus 01:10:42
CS-100 Peter At The Assembly 01:19:22
CS-101 It Is The Lord! 01:21:24
CS-102 Do You Love Me? 01:18:14
CS-103p1 Follow Thou Me (Part 1) 00:59:11
CS-103p2 Follow Thou Me (Part 2) 00:45:54
CS-104 From Peter, With Love 01:17:07

End  Of  Series

CS-105 Wonderful Jesus 01:22:55
CS-106 God Is For You 01:24:29
CS-107p1 Mystery Of The Holy Spirit (Part 1) 00:59:21
CS-107p2 Mystery Of The Holy Spirit (Part 2) 00:41:14
CS-108p1 Can A Man Be Lost? (Part 1) 01:00:19
CS-108p2 Can A Man Be Lost? (Part 2) 00:30:39
CS-109p1 Mystery Of The Cross (Part 1) 00:59:17
CS-109p2 Mystery Of The Cross (Part 2) 00:36:34
CS-110p1 Journey Of The Bride (Part 1) 00:59:09
CS-110p2 Journey Of The Bride (Part 2) 00:47:54
CS-111p1 The Unknown God (Part 1) 00:58:45
CS-111p2 The Unknown God (Part 2) 00:41:08
CS-112p1 Good News (Part 1) 00:58:51
CS-112p2 Good News (Part 2) 00:59:02
CS-113 No Condemnation 01:23:41
CS-114p1 Love Thyself  (Part 1) 00:58:51
CS-114p2 Love Thyself  (Part 2) 00:47:03
CS-115p1 My Confidence (Part 1) 00:55:11
CS-115p2 My Confidence (Part 2) 00:53:15
CS-116 The Appearance Of Jesus 01:26:22
CS-117p1 The Author Of Faith (Part 1) 00:57:37
CS-117p2 The Author Of Faith (Part 2) 00:55:15
CS-118p1 The Maniac And Jesus (Part 1) 00:56:27
CS-118p2 The Maniac And Jesus (Part 2) 00:39:00
CS-119 One Was Lost 01:03:18
CS-120p1 Is Your Heart Right? (Part 1) 00:57:45
CS-120p2 Is Your Heart Right? (Part 2) 00:42:37
CS-121 The Reality Of Salvation 01:17:43
CS-122p1 Reconciled (Part 1) 00:55:37
CS-122p2 Reconciled (Part 2) 00:51:36
CS-123 Home For Christmas 01:21:09
CS-124 How To Love I 01:25:28
CS-125p1 How To Love II - (Part 1) 00:57:15
CS-125p2 How To Love II - (Part 2) 00:31:32
CS-126p1 Judgment Seat Of Christ (Part 1) 00:55:44
CS-126p2 Judgment Seat Of Christ (Part 2) 00:38:26
CS-127p1 Behold The Man (Part 1) 01:22:17
CS-127p2 Behold The Man (Part 2) 00:44:49
CS-128 Eternal Life 01:18:20
CS-129p1 Power Of The Cross (Part 1) 00:56:23
CS-129p2 Power Of The Cross (Part 2) 00:57:08
CS-130p1 Liberated (Part 1) 00:54:35
CS-130p2 Liberated (Part 2) 00:53:53
CS-131 The Finished Work 01:25:37
CS-132p1 Saved By Grace (Part 1) 00:57:55
CS-132p2 Saved By Grace (part 2) 00:56:42
CS-133 Jesus With Me 01:23:45
CS-134p1 He Is Risen (Part 1) 00:56:02
CS-134p2 He Is Risen (Part 2) 00:39:04
CS-136p1 End Of The Age (Part 1) 00:56:23
CS-136p2 End Of The Age (Part 2) 00:51:11
CS-137 Are You Saved? 01:26:39
CS-138p1 God's Rest (Part 1) 00:55:57
CS-138p2 God's Rest (Part 2) 00:58:43
CS-139p1 Living With Jesus (Part 1) 01:22:14
CS-139p2 Living With Jesus (Part 2) 00:42:21
CS-140p1 Jesus Or Barabbas? (Part 1) 00:54:52
CS-140p2 Jesus Or Barabbas? (Part 2) 00:39:23
CS-141p1 Nothing But The Blood (Part 1) 00:55:09
CS-141p2 Nothing But The Blood (Part 2) 00:50:20
CS-142p1 Lord Where Are We? (Part 1) 00:54:30
CS-142p2 Lord Where Are We? (Part 2) 00:50:14
CS-143p1 The Love Of God (Part 1) 00:55:51
CS-143p2 The Love Of God (Part 2) 00:48:10

The Blind Man Series

BM-1 The Blind Man 72:01
BM-2 Saved By A Touch 75:17
BM-3 The Reaction 60:44
BM-4 The Blindness of Religion 82:27
BM-5 The Blind Man's Story 62:40

All About Jesus, Our Shepherd Series

SS-1 Jesus The Great Shepherd 74:03
SS-2 Jesus The Door Of The Sheep 81:27
SS-3 Jesus The Good Shepherd 64:01
SS-4 Jesus And His Sheep 69:42
SS-5 I Shall Not Want 69:59
SS-6 He restoreth My Soul 72:52
SS-7 He Leadeth Me 55:18
SS-8 Valley Of The Shadow Of Death 75:45
SS-9 The Table, Oil And Cup 66:03
SS-10 Goodness And Mercy 68:23
SS-11 The Under Shepherds 75:43
SS-12 Who Are The Sheep? 67:03
SS-13 Results Of Jesus’ Words 68:36

Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth Series

RDW-1 Rightly Dividing The Word - Part I
RDW-2 Rightly Dividing The Word - Part II
RDW-3 God's Plan For The Earth 63:50
RDW-4 What About The Great Commission? 61:31
RDW-5 What Gospel Did The Apostles Preach? 61:40
RDW-6 What Commission Are We Under? 74:26
RDW-7 Our Commission 54:22
RDW-8 When Did The Church Begin?-Part I 70:17
RDW-9 When Did The Church Begin?-Part II 54:16
RDW-10 When Did The Church Begin?-Part III 64:23
RDW-11 Baptism In Corinth 59:33
RDW-12 Baptism Into Christ 58:39
RDW-13 One Baptism 65:18
RDW-14 Kingdom Legality 77:13
RDW-15 Take No Thought 75:43
RDW-16 How To Rightly Divide The Word 75:01

The Tabernacle In The Wilderness Series

T-1 The Tabernacle In The Wilderness 83:48
T-2 The Court Of The Gentiles 59:16
T-3 The Brazen Altar - Part I 61:36
T-4 The Brazen Altar - Part II 58:34
T-5 The Laver Of Cleansing 60:37
T-6 The Table Of Shewbread 61:03
T-7 The Golden Candlestick 51:40
T-8 The Altar Of Incense 55:45
T-9 The Building 64:55
T-10 The Four Coverings 54:23
T-11 The Veil 47:57
T-12 The Ark Of The Covenant - Part I 51:29
T-13 The Ark Of The Covenant - Part II 56:26
T-14 The Mercy Seat 48:48
T-15 The Cost Of The Tabernacle 65:15
T-16 The High Priest's Garments 73:05

Behold The Man Series

BTM-1 The Deity Of Christ 64:12
BTM-2 The Pre-Existence Of Christ 65:19
BTM-3 The Virgin Birth Of Christ 64:24
BTM-4 The Incarnation Of Christ 58:54
BTM-5 Why Christ Came To Earth 53:15
BTM-6 The Humanity of Christ 63:41
BTM-7 God's Glory In Christ 64:65
BTM-8 The Physical Appearance Of Jesus 58:10
BTM-9 The Rejection Of Jesus 60:23

Knowledge And Education Of Jesus


What Manner Of Man Was Jesus?

BTM-12 The Sinlessness Of Jesus 50:45
BTM-13 Could Jesus Sin? 50:02
BTM-14 The Temptation Of Jesus - Part I 65:35
BTM-15 The Temptation Of Jesus - Part II 55:00
BTM-16 Jesus Is The Christ 64:44
BTM-17 Jesus The Teacher 62:33
BTM-18 Jesus The Door 63:04
BTM-18B Jesus The Word Of God - Part I 74:10
BTM-18C Jesus The Word Of God - Part II 67:00
BTM-18D Jesus The Light 57:34
BTM-18E Jesus The Bread 61:28
BTM-19 Jesus The Shepherd 59:59
BTM-20 Jesus The Way 50:22
BTM-21 Jesus The Truth 61:57
BTM-22 Jesus The Life 43:32
BTM-23 Jesus The Vine 45:41
BTM-24 Jesus' Great Invitation 57:16
BTM-25 Gethsemene's Agony 59:34
BTM-26 The Betrayal Of Jesus 49:10
BTM-27 The Denial Of Jesus 55:57
BTM-28 The Trial Of Jesus 56:18
BTM-29 The Refusal Of Jesus (Barabbas) 59:18
BTM-30 Satan Tries To Save Jesus 63:45
BTM-31 The Humiliation Of Jesus 57:58
BTM-32 Jesus Goes To Calvary 54:07
BTM-33 Watching Jesus Die 63:06
BTM-34 Jesus Prays From The Cross 53:30
BTM-35 Jesus And The Thief 60:16
BTM-36 Jesus And His Mother 61:30
BTM-37 Jesus Is Forsaken 57:04
BTM-38 Jesus Thirsts 42:05
BTM-39 Jesus Dies 43:06
BTM-39b What Killed Jesus? 53:34
BTM-40 Jesus And The Great Veil 61:03
BTM-41 Jesus And The Earthquake 54:03
BTM-42 Jesus And The Centurion 55:34
BTM-43 Jesus And Joseph 60:54
BTM-44 Jesus And Nicodemus 63:37
BTM-45 Where Did Jesus Go At His Death? 63:27
BTM-46 The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ 63:56
BTM-47 The Meaning Of The Resurrection 55:29
BTM-48 First Ascension Of Jesus Christ 62:05
BTM-49 Jesus On Emmaus Road 65:33
BTM-50 Jesus In The Upper Room - Part I 51:33
BTM-51 Jesus In The Upper Room - Part II 65:02
BTM-52 Jesus In The Upper Room - Part III 65:22
BTM-53 Jesus In The Upper Room - Part IV 63:21
BTM-54 Jesus And Thomas - Part I 62:14
BTM-55 Jesus And Thomas - Part II 53:13
BTM-56 Jesus' Ascension Into Glory 54:38

Paul's Revelation Series

BTM-74 Watching For Jesus 63:01
BTM-75 From Ascension To Saul Of Tarsus 56:42
BTM-76 Saul Of Tarsus 60:47
BTM-77 Jesus And Saul 63:27
BTM-78 Jesus And Ananias 63:06
BTM-79 Jesus And Paul 56:04
BTM-80 Paul In Arabia - Part I 65:20
BTM-81 Paul In Arabia - Part II 63:25
BTM-82 Paul's Gospel - Part I 66:53
BTM-83 Paul's Gospel - Part II 67:45
BTM-84 Paul's Gospel - Part III 64:26
BTM-85 Paul's Gospel - Part IV 55:39
BTM-86 Paul's Gospel - Part V 62:38
BTM-87 Paul's Revelation 63:57
BTM-88 How To Be Saved 59:46
The Gospel According To The Scriptures
BTM-89 According To The Scriptures 63:56
BTM-90 How That Christ Died 66:18
BTM-91 Christ And The Brass Serpent 65:34
BTM-92 Christ The Ram 67:12
BTM-93 Christ The Lamb Of God 58:08
BTM-94 Christ The Passover - Part I 59:10
BTM-95 Christ The Passover - Part II 59:54
BTM-96 Christ The Passover - Part III 52:10
BTM-97 Christ In Psalm 22 53:42
BTM-114 Christ Our Curse 56:06

The Great Day Of Atonement

BTM-98 Nadab And Abihu 54:53
BTM-99 Time Of The Great Day Of Atonement 62:17
BTM-100 The High Priest 65:58
BTM-101 Jehovah's Goat 56:40
BTM-102 The Scape Goat 58:58
BTM-103 The Results Of Atonement 63:43

The Gospel According To Jonah

BTM-104 Introduction To Jonah 63:27
BTM-105 The Gospel In Jonah 63:27
BTM-106 How Jonah Got In The Deep 58:48
BTM-107 Why Jonah Was In The Deep 63:42
BTM-108 Jonah's Experience In The Deep 59:26
BTM-109 Righteousness By Faith 51:50
BTM-110 How Jonah Got Out Of Hades 55:40
BTM-111 Three Days And Nights 65:47
BTM-112 Resurrection According To Jonah 51:27
BTM-113 The Results Of Resurrection 53:01

The Saints And The Present

BTM-117 The Body Of Christ - Part I 63:01
BTM-118 The Body Of Christ - Part II 60:39
BTM-119 The Body Of Christ - Part III 63:43
BTM-120 The Body Of Christ - Part IV 59:18
BTM-121 Rebekah And Isaac - Part I 65:26
BTM-122 Rebekah And Isaac - Part II 65:03
The Saints And The Future
BTM-123 The Nature Of Death 66:23
BTM-124 Where Do We Go At Death? 54:55
BTM-125 What Happens At Death? 62:15
BTM-126 What It's Like To Die - Part I 59:07
BTM-127 What It’s Like To Die - Part II 56:56
BTM-128 The Rapture - Part I 61:44
BTM-129 The Rapture - Part II 63:41
BTM-130 The Rapture - Part III 54:18
BTM-131 Asleep In Jesus 65:24
BTM-131a Changed By Jesus - Part I 64:16
BTM-132b Changed By Jesus - Part II 64:32
The Last Days And The Saints
BTM-146 End Of This Age - Part I 59:28
BTM-147 End Of This Age - Part II 58:53
BTM-148 Signs Of The End 83:03
BTM-149 Strange Signs 79:05
BTM-150 Deception Of The Last Days - Part I 62:38
BTM-151 Deception Of The Last Days - Part II 75:44
BTM-152 The Days Of Noah 70:28
BTM-153 What Caused The Flood? 77:57
BTM-158 Last Days Of Sodom - Part I 67:39
BTM-159 Last Days Of Sodom - Part II 63:07
BTM-160 The Life And Trials Of Lot 63:02
BTM-161 The Trials And Grace Of Lot 70:00
BTM-162 Effects Of The Last Days On Lot 65:32
BTM-163 Lot's Wife 48:10
BTM-164 Moses And The Last Days - Part I 62:56
BTM-165 Moses And The Last Days - Part II 59:36
BTM-166 Moses And The Last Days - Part III 56:14
BTM-167 Moses And The Last Days - Part IV 50:17
BTM-168 Counterfeit Conviction 71:37
BTM-169 Counterfeit Regeneration 59:34
BTM-170 Counterfeit Teaching - Part I 48:16
BTM-174 The Last Days And The Gospel 57:05
BTM-175 A Christless Gospel 66:16
BTM-176 The Easter Story Gospel 50:30
BTM-177 Evangelical Form Of The Gospel 66:23
BTM-180 Once In Grace - Part I 71:51
BTM-181 Once In Grace - Part II 69:23
BTM-182 Eternal Security 65:49
BTM-183 Security And Sin 74:35
BTM-184 The Sin Of I John 3 64:42
BTM-185 Chastisement And The Saints 78:46
BTM-186 Why Did Christ Die? 69:00
BTM-187 For Whom Did Christ Die? 52:27
BTM-188 The Mystery Of Iniquity - Part I 61:17
BTM-189 The Mystery Of Iniquity - Part-t II 73:15
BTM-190 The Mystery Of Iniquity - Part III 66:19
BTM-191 The Blindness Of The Last Days 72:30
BTM-192 Last Days Of The Gentiles - Part I 66:33
BTM-193 Last Days Of The Gentiles - Part II 52:57
BTM-194 Last Days Of The Gentiles - Part III 64:37
BTM-195 Last Days Of The Gentiles - Part IV 63:19
BTM-196 Last Days Of The Gentiles - Part V 65:28
BTM-197 Last Days Of The Gentiles - Part VI 60:28
BTM-198 Our Age's End, How Soon? - Part I 65:15
BTM-199 Our Age's End, How Soon? - Part II 58:48


P-01 Panoramic View Of Prophecy - Part I 81:18
P-02 Panoramic View Of Prophecy - Part II 40:10
P-1 Why Study Prophecy? 61:32
P-2 The Certainty Of Prophecy 65:54
P-3 The Message Of Prophecy 65:52
P-4 The Power Of Prophecy 56:25
P-5 The Church - Part I 56:55
P-6 The Church - Part II 60:32
P-7 The Rapture - Part I 60:47
P-8 The Rapture - Part II 57:16
P-9 The Rapture - Part III 60:17
P-10 The Rapture - Part IV 51:17
P-11 The Rapture - Part V 56:42
P-12 When Is Jesus Coming? 62:19
P-13 The Rapture As Seen In Enoch 69:45
P-14 Elijah's Translation 67:22
P-15 What Will Happen On Earth - Part I 64:39
P-16 What Will Happen On Earth - Part II 61:22
P-17 Introduction To The Book Of Revelation 61:11
P-18 The Lord Jesus Christ 59:47
P-19 What He Made Us - Part I 53:35
P-20 What he Made Us - Part II 52:47
P-21 John On The Isle Of Patmos 60:46
P-22 Jesus' Churches And His Angels 33:46
P-23 The Keys Of Death And Hell 59:59
P-24 Ephesus - He Knows Our Works 63:47
P-25 Ephesus - First Love Left 63:35
P-26 Ephesus - Do We Lack Love? 60:09
P-27 Ephesus - Cure For Weak Love 60:02
P-28 Ephesus - The Overcomers 63:02
P-29 Smyrna - Suffering Saints 51:02
P-30 Smyrna - Comfort Of The Saints 63:04
P-31 Smyrna - Faithful Unto Death 62:28
P-32 Pergamos - Twin Doctrine Of The Devil 58:57
P-33 Pergamos - Reward Of Jesus 63:25
P-34 Thyatira - Seeing Jesus 60:57
P-35 Thyatira - Salvation And Works 61:30
P-36 Thyatira - Saints And Their Works 61:49
P-37 Thyatira - Jezebel 61:32
P-38 Sardis - Alive But Dying 53:15
P-39 Sardis - Call To Revival 61:51
P-40 The Few - Part I 62:29
P-41 The Few - Part II 60:40
P-42 Philadelphia - Open Doors 62:01
P-43 Philadelphia - Encouraged By Jesus 62:12
P-44 Laodicea - Are They Christians? 62:47
P-45 Laodicea - Lukewarm Christians 62:28
P-46 Laodicea- "Open The Door" 59:08
P-47 Heaven's Open Door 65:32
P-48 The Throne Of God 64:07
P-49 The Elders 61:40
P-50 The Seven Sealed Scroll - Part I 61:38
P-51 The Seven Sealed Scroll - Part II 62:15
P-52 The Seventy Weeks - Part I 60:48
P-53 The Seventy Weeks - Part II 89:54
P-54 The Beast - Part I 66:14
P-55 The Beast - Part II 73:47
P-56 Who Is The Beast? 86:34
P-57 The Apostasy 78:47
P-58 The False Prophet 63:14
P-59 The Great Whore 63:30
P-60 The Northern Confederacy 71:19
P-61 The Western Alliance 68:08
P-62 World War III 74:39
P-63 The Kingdom Of The Beast 72:52
P-64 The Two Witnesses 87:05
P-65 War In Heaven 88:44
P-66 The 144,000 73:58
P-67 Israel And Petra 80:47
P-68 The Wrath Of God 72:24
P-69 The Judgment Of His Wrath 74:10
P-70 The Marriage Of The Lamb 77:31
P-71 Armageddon 76:12
P-72 Introduction To The Kingdom 73:15
P-73 The Millennium - Part I 59:19
P-74 The Millennium - Part II 74:17
P-75 The Millennium - Part III 69:57
P-76 The End Of The Millennium 52:05
P-77 The End Of The World 62:03
P-78 The Great White Throne 66:00
P-79 Hell - Part I 82:55
P-80 Hell - Part II 53:31
P-81 The New Jerusalem 01:22:25
P-82 The Closing Message Of Revelation 67:50

The Lord Bless You

Below are a few messages which are available in a more compressed stream (8 kbps).  These messages can be listened to by those having very slow modems and/or slow internet connections.  Once again, please contact us if you are experiencing technical difficulties.  Contact Information
CS-109-1 Mystery Of The Cross Part 1 00:59.37
CS-109-2 Mystery Of The Cross Part 2 00:37:01
BM-2 Saved By A Touch (The Blind Man Series) 01:15:33
CS-89spsa Meet Simon Peter (Life of Simon Peter Series Series) 01:35:50
BTM-91 Christ And The Brass Serpent (The Gospel According to The Scripture  Series) 01:02:18
BTM-105 The Gospel In Jonah (The Gospel According To Jonah Series) 01:01:51

Audio Books

Both Jesus Loves Me and Henry And The Great Society are available on cd rom as MP3 files. The books are read by the author, H.L. Roush, Sr.
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File Number Title Run-time Description Audio File Link

Henry And The Great Society

22:41 Minute Clip

Dedication, Introduction and Chapters I and II

Listen to a sample in RealAudio-28.8 kbps (mono)

Jesus Loves Me


Listen to the entire book Jesus Loves Me Cover to Cover online

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Sounds of the Heart

The Man God Uses

27:15 Minutes

March, 1962

Click Here To Listen


Delivered Unto Death

37:28 Minutes Dec., 1964 Click Here To Listen
S-03 Darling Of Your Heart 36:39 Minutes Jan., 1965 Click Here To Listen
S-04 The Faithful God 31:03 Minutes April, 1964 Click Here To Listen
S-05 Knowing The Will Of God 31:58 Minutes April, 1964 Click Here To Listen
S-06 Doubt And Its Fruit 31:50 Minutes May, 1965 Click Here To Listen
S-07 Saved And Sure 34:34 Minutes June, 1965 Click Here To Listen
S-08 Blessing Of Betrayal

32:57 Minutes

March, 1967 Click Here To Listen
S-09 Quest Of The Soul   Feb., 1968 Click Here To Listen
S-10 The Reality Of Jesus   Jan., 1966 Click Here To Listen
S-11 Why?   Sept., 1972 Click Here To Listen
S-12 Let Us Look To Jesus     Click Here To Listen
S-17 The Proof Of Love   July, 1974 Click Here To Listen
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