When I was just a little lad,
And jig saw puzzles were a fad,
My Father brought me one from town
And after supper we sat down,
Cleared the dishes all away
And I still can hear my Father say:
"This puzzle isn't hard, you see,
The pieces number twenty-three.
Now if you try, and with some luck,
You'll see the face of Donald Duck.
"Now notice how each piece is made,
A heart, a diamond or a spade
Just remember Donald's face
And every piece will fall in place."
I moved the pieces all about,
Then I grinned and gave a shout,
"I did it Pa, Oh can't you see?"
And Donald Duck smiled up at me.
Time went by and every day,
When I came home from school to play,
I tore that puzzle all apart,
Then joined each diamond, spade and heart,
Until the last piece slipped in place
And there was Donald's happy face.
But, boys and puzzles grow, you know,
For that was many years ago
And life is more than Donald's face
And easy pieces all in place.
Life's puzzle has ten thousand parts
And none of them are spades and hearts.
They never seem to fit just right,
Nor ever simply black and white.
The colored ones are different, too.
The sky is mostly gray, not blue.
The figures are not clearly seen.
The grass is seldom very green.
Ever moving pieces,
Always turning parts,
Struggling with the puzzle,
Often breaking hearts.
Tired and 'oft discouraged,
But surely comes the day
I'll get it all together,
And with triumph say,
"I did it Pa, Oh can't you see?
Jesus' face in every piece,
Just smiling up at me."
So, once the theme of life is clear,
And we sense our Father's presence near,
We just remember Jesus' face
And every piece falls into place.
H.L. Roush

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