What are MP3s?
MP3s are digital audio files that have been shrunken down while still maintaining their original sound quality. Before there were MP3s, digital audio files took hours to download. But on a ISDN - DSL or Cable modem, most MP3s can download in just a few minutes. MP3s are widely recognized as the most popular format for storing and listening to music / audio on the World Wide Web.

Why are they called MP3s?
MP3 is short for MPEG Audio Layer 3. MPEG refers to the Moving Pictures Experts Group, an organization that sets international standards for digital formats for audio and video. The file-shrinking technology itself was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

How did these little files cause such a huge stir?
No doubt, MP3s were one of the most exciting developments in the history of recorded audio. Here's why:

They're online. MP3s are ideal for Internet distribution because they sound great, they download in a jiffy and there are plenty available online. MP3.com alone has hundreds of thousands of free songs ready for you to enjoy in addition to the hundreds of gospel messages and online audio books available here at www.jesuslovesme.org 

You can make your own MP3s. With some simple software (such as MusicMatch Jukebox) a PC, and a few clicks of a mouse, anyone can create MP3 files out of their own CD collection.

You can manage your audio files or music in totally new ways. Now that  your favorite messages exist in these small, movable files, you can create playlists in a snap then listen to them on your portable player, your desktop, and just about anywhere you have Internet access. And the future of digital audio looks bright as Internet access becomes more and more far-reaching.

Those portable MP3 players are tiny. Most portable MP3 players, such as the Rio 500 and the iPAQ Personal Audio Player, are about one-third the size of a Sony Discman and hardly ever skip. MP3 players can be small enough to be integrated into other electronic devices like personal digital assistants and even wrist-watches! Learn more about portables in the Mp3.com Hardware Guide.

Get the music or audio content you want, when you want it. For many music fans, MP3 has become a symbol of total freedom, opening new distribution channels, unveiling a whole other world of music delivery beyond the heavily marketed, repetitive programming of commercial radio and TV.

MP3s are the format of choice. Unlike other proprietary formats such as Liquid Audio and Windows Media Audio, MP3 is an open standard, meaning no one corporation controls it. For this reason, there are more MP3 listeners, software programs and hardware devices than any other CD-quality audio format in the world.

How do I get started with this MP3 thing?
In order to start playing MP3s, you need an audio player. Our Get a Player section has step-by-step instructions that will guide you through installing a free audio player. If you already have a player, you can start listening right now.  Just return to our audio page by clicking the back button on your browser or follow the link at the bottom of this page and right click any of the MP3 icons next to the message you want to hear and select "Save target as" -- Select a name for the file and the location where you want to save the file on your hard drive and your all set.  When the message is finished downloading, just double click it to listen.

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