"IT WAS FOR YOU......"
It was you that chose the thief that day,
As Jesus stood by forlorn.
It was you that built the clumsy cross,
And plaited the crown of thorns.
But it was Him that hung His sacred head,
And bore it all for you,
And Him that prayed, "Forgive them, for
They know not what they do."
It was you that drove the cursed nails,
That hung Him on the tree,
And you that shed His precious blood,
And watched it flow so free.
But, it was Him that uttered not a word,
As He bore the shame of it all.
And Him that felt the bleeding side,
And drank of the bitter gall.
It was you that mocked the dying Christ,
And caused His heart to break,
And you that gambled for His robe,
As He hung there for your sake.
But it was Him that hung in the blistering sun,
Amid the jeers of an angry crowd.
And Him that lay in the tomb that day,
Wrapped in a borrowed shroud.
On you the sentence of death was passed,
And for you the cross was meant.
The nails were yours, and the broken heart,
And, for you the gall was sent.
But, a merciful God looked down on you,
And loved you so much that He,
Gave His precious Son, His only one,
To die and set you free.
Is it asking too much, my unsaved friend,
Who should have died in shame,
To give Him your heart, your life, your all,
And bear His sacred name?

H.L. Roush Sr.

Written at Gay, West Virginia, in the summer of 1949 and unedited since.

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