How Did You Get Saved?
About 10 years ago, I think,
I stared into my favorite drink.
I ask myself how I got here,
All confused and full of fear.
Was I not raised in a moral home -
With "The Church" as its back bone?
My family was for sure a part
Of those that God had set apart.
How then did I fall so far
like a distant shooting star?
A piece was missing from my life
a void not filled by my child or wife.
"I need More!" my heart cried out.
"This can’t be what life’s all about."
"Why has religion taught to me,
These things I’m not equipped to be?"
I realized something was not right.
I was lost and blind and had no light.
Everyone else was good and pure;
their lives had such a strong allure.
How could I have been forgot
by the God my family’s church had taught?
Then one day my friend stopped by,
Another bad immoral guy.
He said "I think Christ’s coming back."
I almost had a heart attack!
"Oh great," I said ... "Thanks a lot!"
"We are sinners .... have you forgot?"
He said "I don’t know what to say,
but we’ve got to be in ‘church’ Friday."
Something told me loud and clear
there was a message we must hear.
I heard the Gospel clear that night
and Calvary’s Cross was there in sight.
And then before I knew a thing,
I went to work for my Great King.
I labored morning, noon and night;
my sword held high in a desperate fight
against the Devil, the evil one,
to finish the battle Christ begun.
I never learned of the finished work
and I must have looked like such a jerk.
I didn’t know the work was done
when Jesus, God’s only begotten Son,
went into Hell to take away
the Sin of the world on that Wednesday.
God did not spare His darling Son
because, my sin, He had become.
"How," you ask, "can this be true -
Did He die for just a few?"
Oh no, He took it ALL away.
Not just the sins of yesterday.
Tomorrow’s sins are all gone too.
He finished the cup - For us, it’s through.
BUT now it must be up to us?
God’s put his hope and trust in us!
I assume He must want me to DO
the work with which He wasn’t through.
Or is there now NO condemnation?
Was He the propiciation
for ALL sin and now it’s DONE...
Had Satan lost and Jesus Won?
It’s just so hard to comprehend:
I’m not His servant ... I’m His friend.
I’ve worked and gave all that I could.
"God must KNOW me! or at least He should."
I know I sin, but I confess.
Doesn’t that count for righteousness?
I’m so confused with all I’ve herd;
Each "Christian" has a different Word.
God’s NOT the author of confusion.
which leads me then to this conclusion:
If salvation is by Grace
and you add some works, even a trace;
Then God’s Grace becomes something new.
"O FOOLISH Galations, who hath bewitched you?"
I got discouraged bad one day.
I threatened God, "I’ll walk away!"
"I’ll go into that bar and drink;
believe me I am at the brink."
I tempted God’s that summer day,
"Come here and take this drink away!"
He didn’t stop me from my sin.
Saved? I guess I’d never been.
They said I was a new creation.
What now of this situation?
I thought I could no longer sin.
The old me somehow crept back in.
Did Jesus take my sin away?
Or must I forever pay and pay?
Is it DO or is it DONE?
am I a slave or am I His son?
‘Saved by Grace and Kept by Works’
These are the argued Gospel quirks.
My heart had not discerned between
all that I had quickly seen.
"They must be right...Aren’t they are the bride?"
But why then do they try to hide
when God says "Adam, where are you?"
It puzzles me and I wish I knew
why they run each day and hide
the little boy and girl inside.
They cover up their nakedness
and all their sins they do confess
and always they will do their best
to hide with all the naked rest
behind the trees of Religion,
the church that Adam first begun.
Then one day I saw the light,
as a man named Jesus gave me sight.
He spat upon the ground and made
an earthen vessel of the clay
that He might use to touch mine eyes
to tear off this worlds great disguise.
To the pool of Siloam, He then sent me,
I washed there and I came seeing.
A misfit I did then become
to the group of which, I then was one.
They said that I was never blind.
In a great deception I’d been in twined.
I told them all "I know for sure
I found my PEACE, my HOPE, my CURE.
He IS REAL! He lives in me!
The Truth has finally set me free!"
I don’t now have much fellowship.
The narrow road’s a lonely trip.
My Jesus and I have left behind
the righteous, moral, unsaved blind,
who never realized the cost
Jesus paid because they were lost.
And now, I return to the start.
How was I saved and set apart?
I first got lost and realized I
was tried and sentenced once to die.
Just like Isaac, was bound and laid
upon the altar his father made.
"’Where is the Lamb for the sacrifice?"
I cried out from that very place.
I looked and saw a ram was caught.
Now He would die and I would not.
The ram then laid there in my stead.
I saw Him bleed till He was dead.
The wood was then set all ablaze.
It burned to ashes while I gazed.
I go and visit that place a lot.
It’s been a while, but I’ve not forgot
at what price I was set free;
I ask you all to look and SEE.
There’s nothing left for me to do -
God’s satisfied with His substitute.
I’ll clarify this for all of you,
even for only one or two.
The Ram I speak of was nothing less
than the Son of Righteousness.
Jesus himself took my place
at Calvary and hung in disgrace.
He said, "It is finished" with a loud voice
Just to give us all a choice
To look to Him and see His love,
to die to the flesh and be born from above.
All anyone now must ever do
is believe IN YOUR HEART He died for you.
Once you know what He did for us,
You will fall in love with my Jesus.
Then all at once He’ll be real to you
and you’ll never again ask a man what to do.
You will never again have to ask what to pray
because in you will live the light, truth and the way.
I can’t save anyone cause I’m only clay
but believe me when I tell you that I know the Way.
And you can too, If your willing to seek
my Savior, the Redeemer of which I speak.
You MUST get to know Him, and then if you do,
I know you will fall in love with Him too.
You’ll have less friends but you won’t be alone -
you’ll be flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone.
This is the Good News to all them that hear
as the end of the age of grace draws near.

"Cease your works and rest in Him."


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