I've just finished reading Henry And the Great Society. I was willing to indulge the author and allow him to "bark at the train of my life" as he so beautifully put it. When I began to read, I was having a wonderful time enjoying the picture the author painted of Henry's life, especially since it differed so greatly from mine. As days went on, I found myself growing increasingly concerned for and with Henry. It seemed somehow he and I were beginning to bond, and I wasn't quite sure just why. His lifetime was before I was even born, but I could still sense our paths converging as I read on. What in the world could a farmer and a real estate agent ever have in common? My answer soon came. I am Henry! Henry is me! I certainly hope that I have read this book in time to do something about it. I now understand something: the good things in life and my judgment of wealth and success concerning others, has been forever changed. If it's not too late and you want to learn the most valuable lesson you will ever learn about success and progress, pick up this book! I promise that you won't be able to put it down.

This book is also available on audio cassette tape by very special request.

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