The Blind Man

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Before we can understand what sight is, we must understand what it is to be blind. If all the human race were born without eyes to see, there would be no such term as blind; for there would be nothing to compare blindness with. Blindness would be as normal to us as sight. The first step to seeing is coming to the understanding that you are blind (spiritually). The blind man in the 9th chapter of John certainly knew he was blind since he had been told that from the time he could understand speech. The blind man had no way to understand sight - though he longed to be able to see. I was once blind but now I see. Although, when I was blind, I did not understand that I was blind. I was surrounded all my life by people who claimed to have sight. Then I met a man named Jesus, who came to me in my blindness. He took a handful of clay that He spat upon and worked that clay in his hand. He touched that clay to my blind eyes and told me to to go and wash in The Pool Of Siloam (sent one). I did; and just like the blind man, I came seeing. Having known what it was to be blind and now having sight, I rushed to tell all those I thought could see. I thought they would be so happy for me, now that I could see like them. I was shocked to find that I could see, but NOT like them. It was like trying to describe a color to someone blind from birth. I then understood the blindness of religion. I once thought of the Pharisees as those bad people who crucified Jesus 2,000 years ago. I thought they were all dead long ago. Oh, but now that I can see, I see Pharisees every day. Those beautiful people of the light that I sat and wished to be like. The light the Pharisees had then was darkness and they are still very much alive and well today, and they are still as blind as ever. If you, like me, have a desire in your heart to see, listen to the Holy spirit as He speaks to your heart through these 5 short messages. You will begin to find that which you thought was so beautiful and perfect in the dark will be revealed to be ugly, spoiled and ruined when exposed to the light of Jesus. He alone is the Light of the world. Thank you Jesus for healing my poor blind religious eyes! Thank you for the lump of clay that you spat upon and worked into a vessel that you could use to touch me. Thank you for the Pool of Siloam which I now know is Calvary, and thank you for allowing me to see through the thick veil that religion has hidden you with. Thank you for causing me to see no man any longer, for now all I ever want to see again is you. I love you,

An Ex-Pharisee

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