Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth

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The secret key to understanding the Bible is in learning how to rightly divide the Word of Truth. In the Bible you will find many different people in varying covenant relationships with God. It is important to know to whom God is speaking so as not to lay hold of a promise or directive that was not made to you and I in this day and age. If you were to let your Bible fall open to a book in the Old Testament and were to read the words of God, as spoken through one of His prophets, promising to visit His people as Messiah, you could go around with the misconception that this was yet to come in the future. However, most of us would laugh and say "Well, that’s silly! Everyone knows that the promised Messiah has already been here and His name was Jesus." But how many of us walk around every day having not read all that God has said or we read a directive given to a people in a different covenant relationship with God, and while trying to apply it to our lives, become frustrated and confused when it does not work. Many lay claim to promises found in the Bible during different dispensations that have either already closed, or are for a time yet to come. How many truly understand the time or age in which we are now living? Having even the most detailed of maps is of little use to a lost traveler without one crucial piece of information; your location on the map. Once you locate yourself on a map, it becomes crystal clear and will lead you to your destination. Consider the Bible as a map that contains the mysteries that can lead you to your final destination. When the Holy Spirit reveals to your heart where you are, you will be able to find the Way, and the Way is quite simply and wonderfully, Jesus.

Would you like to turn your confusion and disappointment into peace and reassurance? Would you like to be able to finally come to rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ? If you are seeking light and are willing to come with an open ear and an open heart, you will find in these inspiring messages a Gospel that WORKS!

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