PREFACE (Continued)

My desire has been simply to talk heart to heart with you, the reader.

    It is not a book written to the theologian.  I have not been concerned with giving endless scripture references.   My purpose is to tell the story of God's love as my heart has learned it.  Anything I need to "prove" to you will only satisfy your mind.  I trust that it will be with you as it was with Lydia - that the Lord Himself will open your heart to attend to the things I have spoken.

    While I was talking with someone about the reality of love, they responded with, "Thanks for listening." I replied, "I did all the talking," and they answered, "But when you talk, you listen."  May this book say all you have desired to say for so long, and may I have the precious privilege of listening to your heart, as you hear mine.


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