The whole earth was subject to him, and every living thing awaited his command. Blessed by God with a helpmeet (exact counterpart) named Eve to share his life, he enjoyed unbroken communion with her and with God.  As he walked and talked with the Creator in the cool of the day, it was, indeed, paradise.  Adam was himself with Eve and with God.  Naked and not ashamed, he walked in quiet self-acceptance, resting in the undisputed fact that he was what he was by the grace of God.  Resting in the wisdom and love of God, he saw himself as the expression of God's creation, hence known, understood and loved by both God and Eve.

    All of this changed when Satan, through the serpent, cast the shadow of doubt upon the integrity of God; changed His truth into a lie; and accused Him of withholding good from Adam and Eve, hence causing them to doubt His love.  The unbelief of their hearts was expressed in their act of disobedience, and so sin entered the human family; and spiritual death was the direct result.  Death means separation - separation from God, and from each other - and the evidences of this death are plain to see in the events that followed.

    The openness Adam and Eve had once enjoyed between themselves was gone.  Their eyes were opened and they saw themselves as they were - naked - and they were ashamed of that nakedness.  Self-acceptance turned into mutual rejection, and they busied themselves sewing fig leaves


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