Exiled and alone, they sit in silence watching others while they search.  Some have accepted without question the role they must play.  Deceived by the thought that the role and the man are one and the same, they comfort themselves with the philosophy, "That's the way life is."

    This book is written to you.  Not the "you" everyone knows, but the "little man inside" that for years you have supposed no one knew or ever would.  God knows that man, understands him and loves him.  At this point, I am not so interested in telling you what kind of person you are, as I am in helping you to discover why you are what you are.  The effects I speak about must have a cause, and the greatest book known to man on the subject of human behavior records it.  That book is the Bible, God's precious Word.  We know it is His Word because it tells the truth about us, and knows us as we are.

    In the Bible, the first book, Genesis, is the book of beginnings.  In it the origin of all things is found, and the peculiarities of the human personality are explained.  You, as a person, are not merely the product of fate, nor the natural result of environment and training, but of nature.  In Adam, your father, you will find the reason back of much of your behavior.  Each of us, his children, are really living in our own way his experiences in the Garden of Eden.

    When God created Adam, He placed him in perfect surroundings -- a beautiful garden, abundant food supply, pleasant circumstances and unlimited possibilities of life.


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