validity of my ideas and understanding.  Since it is common to all the saints to love Jesus (and He is the Truth), it is natural that when our circumstances and experiences bend our ideas and opinions out of shape, we are driven to Jesus for truth with the suspicion that we have been in bondage to lies and deception.

    I think of myself often as a scientist or mathematician, with my spiritual ideas, convictions and values all neatly formulated and filed in order.  These calculations have been formed over the years; and as long as they work, I need never seek other answers nor question their correctness.  Then one day, some life situation develops to which I apply what I believe to be the truth, and find that the "truth" doesn't fit the facts of the case, nor meet the needs of the heart.  In other words, two plus two no longer equals four, but begins to equal five instead.  Over and over I go again, adding the factors in the light I believe I have, and still the answer is wrong.

    I know the truth of God cannot lie, so somehow my situation or circumstance will have to bend around the fixed truth of God, as space bends around matter.  But when neither the circumstance nor the truth will bend, then I must suspect some miscalculation.  Turning to the Word of God, I search to discover if the "truth" I have applied is really truth, or if I am like the Pharisees of old who held on to mere traditions of men, while believing them to be the commandments of God.

I desire, with the grace of God enabling me,


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