When our equations work only on paper, then we are deceivers if we insist that others labor in the same frustration.  Much better to return to the Word of God with the broken pieces of our lives, and submit them to the truth to be fitted together in some meaningful pattern.  Perhaps we have had some faulty understanding, some partial revelation, some half-truth that has kept us in shadows; or some concept, received by tradition, that we have accepted without question as to its truthfulness.

    The only requirement to knowing the truth as it is in Christ, is the willingness to receive it.  If we sincerely love and desire the truth, even at the risk of having our high and mighty minds changed about our position, we shall receive all we seek.  Jesus promised,

"If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God . . . ."

The sincere heart that reaches out to Jesus will never be denied; and when he knocks, it shall be opened to him.  When the honest lover of truth seeks, he shall find; and those who thirst and come to Jesus, shall abundantly be satisfied.

    The precious truth I seek to write in this book was learned by the above method.  The way of truth is solitary, and those who set out on it are lonely.  Hence, the spiritual research I speak about was carried on in the mystery and loneliness of the laboratory of the heart, where none could see and understand but Jesus.  As is true of all research, it has cost much, but not nearly as much as it cost


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