never to become a preacher of mere theology.  I have always been revolted by men who are simply dispensers of religious theory.  The doctrines we preach must work in life as well as in theory.  They must stand unscratched by the abrasives of life; untarnished by the constant contact with reality; and cured in the furnace of friction and fact of experience. There seems to be too much preaching of neat theories that state spiritual equations and demand right answers based on them.  But neither the loudness of the voice, nor the sincerity and genuineness of the appeal, will ever quiet the choked voice within that cries out against the unreality of these equations in actual life experience.

    It is not that men are deliberate hypocrites, for no man enjoys the bondage of wearing a mask.  But Satan is the master deceiver; and no deception is quite as sinister as the deception that we are not deceived when in reality, we are - that we are not in bondage to any, when in fact, we are.  If the "light" we imagine ourselves to have within is really darkness, how great is that darkness!

    So I have always feared falling into the lethargy of merely repeating pulpit phrases, no matter how pious they sound - doctrinal dogmas - theological concepts - intellectual utterances that impress those that listen, while knowing in my heart of hearts that the pompous propoundments I give out do not meet the needs of the heart in the reality of life's experiences.

    As far as I am concerned, the only true doctrine is that which works.


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