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Chapter Title Run Time File Size
Introduction 00:03:49


Dedication 00:01:28 542KB
1 LOVE SEEKS YOU 00:14:51 5,386KB
2 THE NEED OF LOVE 00:05:09 1,877KB
3 LOVE IS NOT LIKE 00:08:39 3,144KB
4 REAL LOVE 00:09:26 3,427KB
5 THE PROOF OF LOVE 00:28:03 10,169KB
6 THE RESPONSE OF LOVE 00:14:53 5,400KB
7 THE ASSURANCE OF LOVE 00:09:11 3,334KB
10 THE FELLOWSHIP OF LOVE 00:09:59 3,628KB
11 THE DISCOVERY OF LOVE 00:28:04 10,177KB
12 THE PATIENCE OF LOVE 00:14:28 5,255KB
13 THE LIBERTY OF LOVE 00:12:43 4,612KB
14 THE PURPOSE OF LOVE 00:21:37 7,839KB
15 THE POTENTIAL OF LOVE 00:13:01 4,724KB
16 THE RELEASE OF LOVE 00:14:44 5,348KB
Epilogue 00:03:39 1,330KB

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